Wind intelligent solar all-weather compact park-road and garden LED lamps
  • You can not install lamps anywhere due to their large size and impossibulity to work anywheare

  • Blades of windmills make noise and irritating flickering

  • Installation is expensive due to necessity of cranes, high masts and other equipment  

  • They may not fit to the landscape design

  • They are impossible to be installed on the small eco-paths and mountain roads causing increased danger for hikingin the dark

Why ?

- Independence from electric networks
- Built-in battery 1000 W*h (12/17 hours of luminescence)
- Height only 3 meters for wind power output 200W
- Ability to work from the air flow of passing cars
- The internal anti-vandal arrangement of the blades with no irritating flickering
- Increased life, efficiency and low wind start speed due to application of magnetic suspension of wind generator
- Can send data to a server via WiFi/GSM
- Ability to give extra energy to an external storage
- Fits well to a variety of terrains
- Automatic turn-off during the day

- Price: 1500$ (dealer) - 2000$ (retail)

Advantages of Park/Road version

  • Illumination of territories when it is impossible to plug in electricity.

  • WISLamp is a stand alone solution for remote areas, wich can work anywheare and at any weather.

  • Installation of several lamps allows to recharge external batteries.

  • Increase the safety and comfort of finding tourists on pedestrian ecotrails and on mountain roads of small sizes, including ground and mountain roads. In the dark, the chance of accidentally getting off the trail and getting into an accident is significantly increased.

  • Opportunityfor creating equipped parks anywhere sincethere is no need to damage pedestrian roads and lawns for lighting parks

  • The possibility of simple lighting of streets, territories and monitoring of livestock without costly, and sometimes impossible, electricity supply to any area.

Decision of client problems

  • Country Villas and Farms, Agricultural enterprises

  • Embankments, parks and eco-zones

  • Mountain roads

  • Pedestrian paths and ecotrails, campings

  • Remote objects and construction sites

  • Yachts

  • Festivals

  • Mines, oil, gas and mineral production sites


WisLamp Garden

Power of LED: 12W

Generating power: 20W

Lenght/diameter: 105/25cm

70Wh battery

Protected wind blades

Price: 150 (dealer)-200$

WisLamp Park/Road

Work by airflow of passing cars by without wind and sun

Sales Model


Build 2 pre-serial prototypes and test

50k$ and 6-9 month


Acceleration and pre-sales

100k$ and 6 month


Prepare for production and pilot manufacture and sales

950k$ and 6 month


Production of the first batch and sales of all versions. First big revenue.

WisLamp Park/Road:

700k$+ (1000+ pcs) and 6 month

WisLamp Garden:

80k$+ (1000+) and 6 month



Sergey Ievlev


  • Long-term business experience

  • Skill direct and online sales

  • Marketing and strategy

Igor Bredihin


  • Development of electric motorcycles in Deller 

  • Co-founder of company of the production of electrification kits eczo.bike 

  • Co-Founder of autonomous delivery robot DelCat

  • Designer and product manager

Imir Tohtabiev

International Sales

  • Over 20 years of experience in the strategy and organization of international sales of Russian technologies to countries in Africa, Asia, East and Europe

  • He redy to begin when prototype will be developed


Bredihin Igor